facebook-mistakesMastering the techniques behind solid, effective Facebook marketing efforts doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, as long as you can avoid making a few very common mistakes, you should find your efforts are rewarded very well.

Let’s take a look at some of the more detrimental mistakes far too many marketers make when they try to harness the true power behind advertising and marketing on Facebook.

The whole idea of advertising on Facebook is to advertise your products or services – right?

Not exactly.

You see, while your strategy should include a way to inform visitors to your page about any specials or discounts or new products you’re offering, broadcasting is definitely not the way to do it.

In fact, recent polls show that business owners that constantly broadcast sales hype over Facebook end up losing fans rather than increasing sales. This is because fans are seeking a way to connect and interact with you. They want to see that there’s a real person behind the marketing hype who cares about what customers think and want and need.

Rather than simply broadcast sales pitches to the people following your page, think of ways to offer fans genuine, relevant content. Your job is to find ways to interact with your prospects and give them reasons to WANT to connect with you. Posting this type of content will keep them engaged and increase interaction levels.

Stop thinking only about what Facebook can do for your profits and start thinking about what you can offer your customers. This will give them a more authentic online experience with your business that ultimately builds trust.

If you focus on offering good quality content that doesn’t simply push your product in people’s faces, you stand a much better chance of avoiding this mistake.


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Work on ways to avoid these and you can be sure you’ll see far better results from your marketing efforts than you expect.