Obviously, the primary reason most people go into business is to make a profit. In order to do this, they need to find new and interesting ways to keep bringing in new customers.

Offline marketing tactics usually involve trying hard to spread your sales message as far and as wide as you possibly can. The aim is to try and reach even a few potential new prospects who might just turn into paying customers.

Unfortunately, when you’re dealing with Facebook for your marketing efforts, trying to focus on driving more sales for you simply doesn’t work for the online masses.

Always keep in mind that talking about yourself and your business all the time – to the exclusion of all else – is actually very boring for your audience.

Think carefully about why people log into Facebook in the first place. They are there to interact with friends, family, acquaintances, and others they may have been introduced to. They want to hang out, learn some interesting information, laugh at silly wall posts, see what’s going on in their community – and just generally be social.

Trying hard to capture their attention by telling them all about you isn’t a positive way to try and get your audience to relate to your business or your products.

You can avoid this mistake easily by thinking about what your customers actually want. Then aim your posts and updates around these things. You’ll find that your response rates are improved if you aim your posts and updates around what might interest them – instead of what you want.


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Work on ways to avoid these and you can be sure you’ll see far better results from your marketing efforts than you expect.