Connect with clients puzzle pieces handsSometimes in our crazy busy lives the little niceties get overlooked and forgotten.  I know I am as guilty of this as anyone.  But sometimes I get reminded unexpectedly how powerful a simple thing like saying “Thank You” can be.

Earlier in March I took part in a joint list building venture.  There were dozens of us all offering all sorts of free business tools and reports.  I added nearly 200 people to my list. When they opted-in to receive my free book that were taken to a download page that thanked them for becoming part the OSP family, shared a few random blog post and asked them to share their opinions on them and invited them to connect with me via social media so they didn’t miss any future blog posts. 

Last week I decided to send out a short email to all my new contacts.  I simply thanked them again and invited them to schedule a free consultation with me.  My only thought at the time I sent it was to touch base and keep myself in their minds. 

I received the following email in return….

Hi Jodie,

Thank you so much for your follow up note.  None of the other special offers I took advantage of sent me a thank you or invited me to continue following them for more information.  They HAVE all tried to sell me something though.

I won’t forget you, Jodie!  Your tips help me build credibility with my clients.

This made my day!  Sometimes in the rush to make money and build our own business we forget the importance of just reaching out.  It also reminded me that you don’t need to push products and offers down your list’s throat.  So often we forget to follow up and just say thank you or how  are your doing.  This can be as valuable to keep you in your client’s and list’s mind as emails about your latest sale.

I am going to try to keep this philosophy in the front of my mind and try to make more personal contacts.  I am going to remember to always follow up with simple thank you messages… ones without sales pitches.  Maybe this simply step will be enough to make me stand out from a crowded inbox full of sales pitches.  What do you think?  Do you make the personal connection with your clients and list?  Do you think making this sort of contact will make a difference?